Building King Superboats

Superboats really are the big boys’ toys. There are no engine rules, anything goes and 1000+ horsepower (750 KW+) is the norm in Superboats. With ‘big block’ versus ‘small block’ and super chargers and turbo also allowed, the Superboats run on injected methanol and are guaranteed to provide excitement.

The ‘big blocks’ are all over 10,000cc, with alloy engines they weigh not much more than the Group B and Group A’s (around 700 kg), but with power to burn, it takes a brave driver to stand on the gas in a Superboat.

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DRIVER: Sam Newdick
Born: 1982
Town: Hamilton
Day Job: Drainlayer

NAVIGATOR: Shama Putaranui
Born: 1987
Town: Ashburton
Day Job: Administrator

Engine: 575ci small block V8, 1000HP
Hull: Sprintec G-Force
Jet Unit: SDM 8.75″ (with a Sprintec twist)

Sponsors: PSP, G.J. Gardner Homes, Biolytix, Advantage Designer Homes, Drainage Systems Ltd, Magnum Automotive, General Formulations, Prestige Building Removals, Newdick Sheetmetals

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DRIVER: Rob Coley
Born: 1971
Town: Whanganui
Day Job: Director of Building King

Born: 1976
Town: Whanganui
Day Job: BOSS of Rob

Engine: Noonan Billit Block & Heads Twin Turbo
Hull: All 7 are Sprintec G-Force
Jet Unit: All Jet Units are our own design, 9 inch carbon fibre and titanium.

Sponsors: Building King

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2JZ Jetsprint Team

DRIVER: Reuben Hoeksema
Born: 1992
Town: Palmerston North
Day Job: Mechanic

Born: 1999
Town: Auckland
Day Job: Automotive Electrician

Engine: Single turbo 2JZ 3.4L approx 1,000HP
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Sprintec modified 9" Southern Jet

Sponsors: Lincoln Automatics, Automotive Paint & Panel Supplies, EFI&Turbo

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DRIVER: Aaron Hansen
Born: 1971
Town: Tauranga
Day Job: Fencer

NAVIGATOR: Julie-Anne Shanks
Born: 1970
Town: Tauranga
Day Job: Contract Resource Management Planner

Engine: 500ci Small Block Chev 800hp
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: 8 3/4″

Sponsors: Dual Tech Fencing, Dual Tech Consultants, Stockade, K & L Distributors, Bay Sports Med, Mo's Mowing

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DRIVER: Robert White
Born: 1963
Town: Invercargill
Day Job: Fisherman

Born: 1981
Town: Haast
Day Job: Fiordland Lobster

Engine: 440 Small Block Twin Turbo 1000HP
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 9 Inch Unit

Sponsors: Loyal Fishing, Hydraulink

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Broken Arrow

DRIVER: Chris Edmonds
Born: 1969
Town: Goondiwindi, QLD, AU
Day Job: Farm Manager/Consultant

NAVIGATOR: Toby Edmonds
Born: 2004
Town: Wanganui
Day Job: Marine Mechanic

Engine: 500 ci Donovan
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Sprintec

Sponsors: Stones Electrical, Sprintec

93 Spartan Time

Spartan Time

DRIVER: Mike Hessell
Born: 1986
Town: Forest Lake, QLD, Australia
Day Job: Building Supervisor

NAVIGATOR: Shaun White
Day Job: Civil Construction

Engine: 410 Chev 850hp
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Sprintec 8 3/4"

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Spartan Time

DRIVER: Luke Walters
Born: 1986
Town: Perth, WA, AU
Day Job: Diesel Mechanic

Day Job: Dolphin Trainer

Engine: 410 Chev 850hp
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Sprintec 8 3/4"

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Blue Flame

DRIVER: Dave Simmons
Born: 1974
Town: Napier
Day Job: Engineering Drafting

NAVIGATOR: Millie Simmons
Born: 2003
Town: Napier
Day Job: Student

Engine: LSR - Centrifugally Supercharged 850HP
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 9" Hydropump

Sponsors: Engine Rebuilders Wanganui (0800 MY ENGINE), Link ECU's, Industrial Manufacturing Services, IMS Ltd, SMB Productions