MTW LS Class

The 400 cu small block Chev engine has been the foundation of modern jetsprinting and its a long way from finished yet. But now it’s time for a new generation of engines to show their worth… welcome to the Chev LS engine.

The MTW LS class has been introduced to allow LS1 LS2 L98 L76 and LS3 engines to be tuned to 580hp and raced in a lightweight exciting package. The aluminium construction and the availability of the Commodore based powerplant makes these engines perfectly suited to jetsprinting. Cheaper engine packages can be upgraded over time as budgets allow, or crate engine options are available for turnkey options.

The MTW LS class is designed to encourage keen punters to grab a boat and come racing. With up to 8.5 inch jet units allowed, donor boats can be sourced from any existing NZ Championship class.

Ls Class 20


DRIVER: John Verry
Born: 1975
Town: Napier
Day Job: Managing Director

NAVIGATOR: Declan O'Brien
Born: 2003
Town: Waipukurau
Day Job: Motorbike Mechanic

Engine: LS3 Chevy V8 580hp
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 8.5" Scott

Sponsors: Link ECU, Engine Rebuilders Ltd, Industrial Manufacturing Services, Iscar Pacific

Ls Class 282

LS Express

DRIVER: Matt Nairn
Born: 1982
Town: Palmerston North
Day Job: House Mover

NAVIGATOR: Amara Nairn
Born: 2008
Town: Palmerston North
Day Job: Student

Engine: LS 500hp
Hull: Mk3 Jetspeed

Sponsors: Central House Movers, BAE, Apex Engineering and Manufacturing, Easymoves, Anzor, NZ building movers, Land Pro, M Harreb Excavating, PTS, Roadrunner Manufacturing, Booths, C4 Energy, Nutrition Systems

Ls Class 6

Liquid Addiction

DRIVER: Tim Edhouse
Born: 1972
Town: Owhango
Day Job: Automotive Engineer / Workshop Owner

NAVIGATOR: Debbie Edhouse
Town: Owhango
Day Job: Workshop Owner / Office Boss

Engine: LS3
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 8 1/4″

Sponsors: Owhango Motors Ltd

Ls Class 21


DRIVER: Paddy Hayden
Born: 1971
Town: Te Awamutu
Day Job: Colorectal Surgeon

Day Job: Nurse

Engine: LS
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 8.5″

Sponsors: Otorohanga Autoelectricks, BDS Tinting and Graphics

Ls Class 56


DRIVER: Dave McDiarmid
Born: 1974
Town: Milton
Day Job: Panelshop Owner/Operator

NAVIGATOR: Carolyn McDiarmid
Day Job: Panelshop Owner/Admnistrator

Engine: 6.0 LS2
Hull: MackCraft
Jet Unit: 8 1/4 Scott

Sponsors: Clutha Panel Repairs

Ls Class 285

Pure Insanity

DRIVER: River Rogers
Born: 2004
Town: Lewiston, USA
Day Job: Student and Car Salesman

Day Job: Equipment Sales

Engine: LS3 500hp
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Southern Jet

Sponsors: Rogers Motors, Sprintec, Peters & Keatts, VSR, Gateway Trailers & Materials, TD Plastics LTD