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4th April Round 5

Oxbow Aquatrack




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Next Stop Wanaka

Just as migrating birds respond to environment cues and know when to begin their journey, so do the jet sprint teams.  When the shops are full of Easter eggs and our mailboxes are full of junk mail about Easter eggs, the teams know that it’s almost time for Round 5 of The PSP NZ Jet Sprint Championship 2015.  As the adverts on the television reach a frenzy of Easter sales (and chocolate eggs) the teams are packing their gear, and heading south to Wanaka.

Round 5 takes place on Saturday 4th April at the Oxbow Aqua Track, just outside of Wanaka, and, judging by the photos doing the rounds on social media, many teams will be going down there to make some noise – and a big impression on the championship points’ table!

Glen Head and Darryn Todd will be hoping to finally get to the top of the podium in the Suzuki Grand Vitara Superboats, but Rob Coley (Mouthfresh, Poison Ivy) and Pat Dillon (PPG, The Hulk) have both enjoyed the view from up there this season and will be pushing hard to get there again.  If Peter Caughey has managed to get his boat up and running again he will be keen to regain the top spot, so the outcome is really anything but certain.


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Poison Ivy makes the day

Despite the weatherman’s warnings, Round 4 of The PSP New Zealand Jet Sprint Championship took place at the Riverside Track, Crownthorpe, under beautiful blue skies and in temperatures over 25 ˚C.  And on a day when the Black Caps played in the cricket World Cup not too far from the track, the racing still attracted a decent-sized crowd – and they weren’t disappointed in what they saw.  It was the perfect day to enjoy some fast-paced racing, and Round 4 certainly delivered that.

There were a few disappointed crews in the pit area, however, as mechanical difficulties seemed to plague some of the teams during the day.  For some it had even started before they got to the track, with Sam Newdick and Glenn Mason having to go without new pistons for their PSP boat (jokingly christened “the deep fat fryer” as it finished Round 3 full of oil!) as they were still in the USA.  As Newdick said, “We waited until the very last minute, but had to use second-choice parts.  Of course, when we get home from here, the new pistons will be waiting for us on the doorstep.  At least we’ll be ready for Wanaka.”   He may have been disappointed that his parcel from the States didn’t arrive, but he didn’t let it hold him back too much as he lifted the second place trophy in the PSP Suntuf Group A class at the end of the day.


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Round 4 Hastings Coming up

The water has barely settled at the Meremere Sprint Bowl, and already teams are gearing up for the next meeting in the jetsprint calendar.

The Riverside Jet racing track in Crownthorpe, near Hastings, will be hosting Round 4 of The PSP NZ Jet Sprint Championship on Sunday 8th March, and it’s bound to be a day full of fun and thrills.

The word on the water is that Peter Caughey is hoping to be back in his own Enzed/Trojan/Total Oils boat, putting an end to some frustrating race days for him after the crankshaft broke during Round 1 this season.  He’ll be keen to regain the top step of the podium, and will be worried (no doubt) that Pat Dillon and Steve Edmonds are becoming a little too comfortable up there after their wins in Rounds 1 and 3.

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Round 1: 27th December Wanganui

Round 2: 24th January ASB Baypark, Mt Maunganui

                 25th January : ENZED V8 Jetsprints @ ASB Baypark, Mt Maunganui Sprint Cup

Round 3: 15th February Meremere

Round 4: 8th March Hastings

Round 5: 4th April Wanaka

Round 6: 26th April Featherston - Final

Suzuki Grand Vitara Superboats
1st Pat Dillon
2nd Peter Caughey
3rd Leighton Minnell

PSP Suntuf Group A
1st Sam Newdick
2nd Tristan Hynds
3rd Si Gibbon

Biolytix 400
1st Ollie Silverton
2nd Ross Travers
3rd Hayden Wilson


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